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A designer with the soul of an artist, Laura Kirar completed her degree in sculpture and interior architecture at the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After moving to New York in 1994, Kirar worked in high-end residential interiors as a furniture designer before founding Tru Partners, Inc. in 1999. Since then she's overseen numerous projects ranging from luxury residences in New York City to a signature loft for Starwood Hotels at the W Dallas. Her passion for artistic exploration in all mediums has continued to infuse her work with originality and thoughtful attention to detail.

Laura Kirar Photo

"My works are certainly influenced by my travels. The impressions and memories I take away from each place leave their indelible marks throughout my works, subtly invoking not only the destinations, but the journey."

Laura Kirar Room Scene

Kirar has unveiled what she describes as "a natural evolution of my work and perfect complement to my first collection."

Kirar's celebrated first collection for Baker expressed her affection for, and deft hand with, influences from urn-of-the-century Vienna and the beauty of the Japanese decorative vocabulary.

Laura Kirar Chair Vienna Arm Chair

"I'm attracted to the juxtaposition of raw earth and manmade splendor, of measured and classical proportions overgrown by time, elements and unruly vines. It implies a history, a kind of interrupted formality that is casual luxury in its truest sense."

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Laura Kirar Room Scene

Her new pieces move toward a more modern look while remaining true to her design philosophy: a reverence for craft, use of authentic materials, and thoughtful, elegant details.

Laura Kirar's latest pieces for Baker evoke the simple pleasures that define casual luxury.

Laura Kirar Lamp L'Eau Table Lamp