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Portsmith Bed no. 9821QG Humphrey Occasional Chair no. 6124C

Michael S Smith is one of America's most respected
and recognized design talents. With a diverse
international clientele including both residential and
commercial work, his touch extends from Hollywood
to homes and hotels the world over. Much celebrated
by the press, the designer has received
many awards—including twice being
named among Architectural Digest's
"The AD 100," and
being honored as the 2003
Designer of the Year by

With roots in
Los Angeles
and an abiding curiosity for other
cultures, Michael S Smith's style has been
described as a blend of "European tradition and
American modernism." His private work finds
a balance between the classic, a sense of reductive
restraint, and a dash of Hollywood glamour—ultimately
tailored to every client and every home.

For Baker, Michael S Smith considered
what makes a room fashionably traditional for the 21st century.

Martine Cabinet no. 9834

Consequently, his collection emphasizes
sculptural forms that naturally tend to
be more approachable, more easily mixed, more
comfortable in daily use, and less at risk of distracting
over-embellishment. At the same time, the
designs have a palpable sense of interest and
dimension—a range of colors, textures,
and timeworn patina that give each item a bit
more presence.

The result is an assortment of immediate classics,
workable items, from every day to iconic,
each with its own voice – and, collectively,
the voice of history.