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The Stately Homes Collection

About the collection
Extraordinary designs from the palaces and castles of England, Ireland, Scotland and Russia are reproduced for today's finest homes. Originally commissioned by royalty and other aristocratic families as early as the 17th century, these exacting reproductions are still enjoyed today by familial ancestors.

Sir Humphry Wakefield Bt., an international antiques authority, personally selects each item for Baker craftsmen to recreate. Every duplication preserves the integrity of the original by following the old-world tradition of furniture making.

Through these pieces, the Stately Homes collection illustrates that excellence is not limited to one era or style. True elegance and luxury are timeless and able to span centuries, cultures and lifestyles. Which is why the furniture in this collection is at ease in today's homes as in the ancient castles and estates where the originals are housed.

About Sir Humphry Wakefield
An English Baronet, Sir Humphry Wakefield has consulted on Baker's Stately Homes program since its inception. Recognized as a foremost authority on English antiques and architecture, Sir Humphry is also the owner of the
800-year-old Chillingham Castle.

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