Custom Upholstery

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Options to Meet Any Needs

  • Baker by the Inch: Always the perfect fit

    Our selection of By the Inch sofas includes designer frames that can be built to the width you choose.
  • Baker Elements: Fashioned in five easy steps

    The exact form‚ dimensions‚ and details you covet. With Baker Elements‚ you create custom upholstery that fits your room and your style.
  • Baker Bespoke: Commissioned upholstery

    Whether an inspiration or heirloom companion, commissions are an intimate process from dream to drawing to something dramatic. From an original inspiration to an heirloom companion, Bespoke is where dreams take shape. More creation than custom this is an intimate but meticulous process from sketch to finish. Baker Bespoke is a process as much as a product. From your designs and inspiration, drawings are prepared and every detail and dimension determined. From our workbench to your home, your one-of-a-kind design is realized.
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