Stéphane & Frouwkje Pagani

Stéphane & Frouwkje Pagani

Thoughtfully designed and expertly handcrafted, the Pagani Collection has been created with a philosophy founded on careful selection of natural, exquisite materials, and use of textural, luxurious finishes with clean lines.

The timeless union of past and present is one of the principles of our design philosophy.

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PG-Profile -ArticlePaganiStudio is a traditional design atelier in New York that specializes in contemporary handmade lighting fixtures. The designs are distinctive for their detailed craftsmanship, refined quality and luxurious, hand-worked materials.

For over a decade, principals and creative directors Stéphane and Frouwkje Pagani have collaborated with leading design professionals to produce exclusive collections. Each piece marries classic materials with contemporary forms to achieve an elegant and timeless balance.

Each piece in the Paganis’ collection for Baker has been handcrafted to their exact specifications. A celebration of tailored form, sensuous line, and the exuberance of intricate shape, the lighting designs are rendered in Italian Murano glass, cast bronze, French plaster and hand-sculpted marble.

Perfected by the Baker artisans’ great appreciation for detail and mastery of fine craftsmanship, including rich hand-worked finishes and patinas, it’s a lighting collection unlike any other.

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