Darryl Carter

Washington DC designer Darryl Carter embraces the richness of detail that is the result of fine craftsmanship.

For Carter, a sense of history is always present in his design. Classical references resonate throughout the collection but always with a modern attitude. He proceeds with a light touch very much connected to today’s sensibilities and styles.

“While the more classical pieces in my new Milling Road collection have familiar origins, there is a tilt on how I have expressed them” Carter said. “The scenes in the Chinoiserie offerings are purposefully over-scaled to wrap the entire piece, for example.”

Composition, proportion and scale come to the fore in Carter’s designs. Working closely with our studio’s highly specialized staff, Carter brought new perspectives and richness to revered traditional crafts.

And he’s a practical designer, in love with versatile design that clearly acknowledges the utilitarian discipline of 21st- century design.

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“I am a steadfast believer in classical forms both modern or traditional. They tend to be lasting. Straight lines, lean curves, clean angles and never any superfluous or gratuitous embellishment make timeless design and give lasting pleasure.”—Darryl Carter “As a proponent and lover of architecture, history and craft, I try to imbue all of my environments with each of these elements.” —Darryl Carter

Nav Design Story Test 322W

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