Ephaïstos Mirror

Jacques Garcia
No. 3815
Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System
Width Depth Height
W 47in D 1in H 47in
Product Dimensions: Metric System
Width Depth Height
W 119.4cm D 2.5cm H 119.4cm
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Detailed Dimensions

  • Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    W 47in 119.4cm
    D 1in 2.5cm
    H 47in 119.4cm
    Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    DIA 47in 119.4cm
  • COM/COL Requirements
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System

Options & Features

Product Features

  • Standard Finish(es): Fonderie
  • Metal / Mirror glass

About This Product

The scale, proportion, and materials of the Ephaistos make an immediate statement. For Jacques Garcia, rustic items are a nod to the evolving Industrial Chic style. They create a sense of balance in a modern room. The modern becomes more modern, and the rustic becomes more rustic. Many designers will sprinkle two or more contrasting forms across a setting to even out the look. Here, the thin but rugged frame is hand wrought, hammer forged iron. Artisanal work presents a mellow patina. The drama comes from mixing these items with formal modern - and living with the tension. The element of couture, the Garcia touch, is the authenticity. Exposed screws around frame.

About This Collection

One of the most sought-after French interior decorators of our time, Jacques Garcia specializes in designing places of mythic status, like James Joyce's favorite restaurant and Oscar Wilde's Parisian residence. With a career that spans three decades, Garcia is inspired by Napoleonic extravagance and Zen minimalism alike. His Baker furniture collection reflects Garcia’s larger-than-life spirit with refined, classical shapes, a sense of warmth and livability, and luxurious comfort. These are pieces made to last a lifetime, and beyond.

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