Patricia Sofa

Thomas Pheasant
No. BA6131S
Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System
Width Depth Height
W 107in D 34in H 31in
Product Dimensions: Metric System
Width Depth Height
W 271.8cm D 86.4cm H 78.7cm
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Detailed Dimensions

  • Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    W 107in 271.8cm
    D 34in 86.4cm
    H 31in 78.7cm
    Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    WI 87in 221.0cm
    DI 23.5in 59.7cm
    AH 30.75in 78.1cm
    SH 18.5in 47.0cm
  • COM/COL Requirements
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    COM 16.25yd 14.9m
    COL 276sq ft 25.6m

Options & Features

Product Features

  • Standard Finish(es): Sable, Cameo, Luxe
  • Also available in Type I, II and Specialty program finishes (upcharge may apply)
  • Three Baker Comfort cushions
  • Tight Back
  • Two Baker Fiberlux bolsters - 7" x 22 3/4"
  • Weltless construction
  • Exposed Wood - Maple
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About This Product

At mid-century, half of the modernists saw a stark future, and the other half saw the shape of things to come. The Patricia series celebrates the latter-the feminine side of modernism-grand, glamorous, and shapely. With Thomas Pheasant's eye for scale and proportion, a tightly upholstered reverse camelback sofa becomes something entirely new. With the addition of a curve to the back, it becomes the one bespoke object that turns every head. Butter knife arms diverge in the manner of a much more intimate style, and bolsters are something of an accessory. While it can be used against a wall, the Patricia was meant to float at center stage. The low height makes that even easier. The length allows it to provide interior architecture for even very largest rooms.

About This Collection

Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer who has been recognized internationally for his interior design and furniture collections. Pheasant’s style conveys modern elegance:  calm, luxurious interiors that emphasize elements of quality and comfort. He is known as the master of the neutral palette, brought to life in his own signature pieces. Pheasant focuses on bringing a contemporary dimension to classic design principles, bridging past and present with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics.

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