Baker Bespoke

Custom Designed Upholstery

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    Custom Designed Upholstery: Baker Bespoke ushers in a new generation of custom seating that allows you to select every element from design, style, and size drawn from an assortment of classic patterns, tailored to your custom selections. All built to the Baker Standard — and that remains the very best.

  • Bespoke in Motion

    Bespoke in Motion

    Bespoke in Motion recliners provide the ultimate in comfort by both reclining the back of the chair and extending a footrest, while incliners create the same relaxed seating experience but with different functionality, whereby the seat and inside back slide forward and a footrest extends while the outside back remains in a fixed position.
  • Bespoke Upholstered Bed Collection

    Bespoke Upholstered Bed Collection

    The Upholstered Bed Collection offers original bed designs for clients to draw from, including classic patterns and favorite frames from previous collections with distinguished designers like Thomas Pheasant and Barbara Barry.


    With a sketch, a photo, or just a daydream, you can craft your own commissioned creations. From your designs and inspiration, drawings are prepared, and every detail and dimension determined.

  • Bespoke Pillows

    Bespoke Pillows allows you to select every element, from design, style and size to intricate detailing options.

  • By the Inch

    Our By the Inch option allows you to order select sofas built to a custom length. It is the perfect way to get the frames you want at the fit you need.

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