The art of craftsmanship

While design and materials create the potential for a furniture piece’s beauty, craftsmanship determines the final result. Each day in our workshops, we apply skills that have long been forgotten by others. One of America's most respected designers once compared Baker to having a dozen custom shops under one roof. 

Our expertise includes carving, inlay and joinery, in a variety of styles and types. We employ crafters who are experts in those techniques and provide them with the time and tools to do their best work. The result is furniture with an extra measure of refinement, a quality that becomes more evident with each passing day.


Once considered a form of sculpture, hand carving has long been coveted for its sensuous, tactile qualities. Among purists, the best carving is also valued for its ability to cast shadows that move with the light of day or the flicker of a fire.


Think of Baker Upholstery as the couture fashion of furniture, with hand-cut, premium fabrics, basted and re-basted to create a flow that’s perfectly matched to each silhouette. Combined with a remarkable assortment of coils and configurations specific to each design, the result is best-of-class regardless of style.

Inlay and Marquetry

Inlay creates a striking accent that draws our attention and allows us to better appreciate the surrounding wood. With extraordinary skill in this arena, Baker’s artisan rank as modern masters, with a range and practice that goes beyond even the skill of the 18th century’s storied specialists.


Dating back to the Egyptians and largely perfected in the 17th century, veneering remains central to the manufacture of fine furniture. It allows the maker to use the most highly figured, expensive, and volatile woods in a durable application, and it does so in a highly decorative way that’s limited only by the imagination of the designer.

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