McGuire will always preserve the best of our heritage; creating timeless design and product that make a long-lasting contribution to a home's most loved rooms. We proudly carry forward a design sensibility that has been more than seven decades in the making.
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New Arrivals

New | The Baker Resort Collection® for McGuire

An exquisite ensemble of furniture inspired by coastal living, crafted with organic luxury in mind. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort, where escape and rejuvenation effortlessly transform your home into a haven of serenity.

McGuire Collections

  • The Thomas Pheasant Collection

    Thomas Pheasant is an award-winning interior designer whose style conveys modern elegance in a neutral palette, with beautiful silhouettes and distinctive fabrics.
  • The Barbara Barry Collection

    Among the world’s most prominent and talented designers, Barbara Barry is known for an approach that embraces simplicity and understated elegance to evoke calm and serenity.
  • The McGuire Originals Collection

    John and Elinor McGuire were breakthrough innovators. Imaginative and uncompromising, they mixed incredible materials, forms, texture and ideas to create furniture and environments that were chic and timeless.
  • The Orlando Diaz-Azcuy Collection

    Next to John and Elinor McGuire, no other designer has had a more profound impact on McGuire Furniture than Orlando Diaz-Azcuy. This celebrated designer's chic, sophisticated seating and occasional furniture epitomize the evolution of McGuire's classic forms.
  • The Laura Kirar Collection

    The Laura Kirar for McGuire collection plays on the juxtaposition of being immersed in the world’s most architecturally innovative cities as well as the solitary experience of nature’s desert formations, tangled jungle rooftops, ancient pyramids, excavated treasures, and more.
  • NICOLEHOLLIS for McGuire

    NICOLEHOLLIS for McGuire represents an intrepid collection, remaining authentic to McGuire while incorporating daring flare. Channeling far away travels and taking cues from top fashion houses, each piece is handcrafted with a careful combination of classic and unusual techniques.
  • The Kara Mann Collection

    Fix your gaze for just a moment and you'll fall headlong for Kara's intoxicating touch, rich use of materials and warm fabrics. All tailored to Baker's exacting quality standards.
  • The Gondola Collection for McGuire

    McGuire presents the Gondola Collection, comprising 21 chic tables and seating pieces available for both indoor and outdoor use. Inspired by founder Elinor McGuire’s original Gondola Chair, a signature rattan framed style, the McGuire team sought to build upon this strong design foundation.
  • The Antalya Collection

    The Antalya Collection offers 12 thoughtfully designed lounge, dining and occasional pieces that feature pure, simplified forms.
  • The Steven Volpe Collection

    Design legend Steven Volpe has joined forces with McGuire to debut a collection of dynamic and sophisticated pieces that speaks to his background in fashion and his passion for art and architecture.
  • The Jamie Durie Collection

    The Jamie Durie Collection elevates the beauty in imperfection with gentle shapings inspired by nature. The collection speaks to Jamie’s extensive blended background of award-winning landscape architecture and furniture design.
  • The Jonathan Browning Collection

    lnspired by California's casual style, Jonathan Browning's Lighting Collection strikes a harmonious balance between clean geometric shape and flowing organic form.
  • The Bill Sofield Collection

    Considered a true master of Modernism, Bill Sofield believes that design must serve the client’s individual needs and function as beautifully as it looks.


  • Caring for your McGuire furniture

    Thank you for choosing McGuire. Please find enclosed tips and instructions on how to care for your new handcrafted furniture. Welcome to McGuire, we hope you feel right at home.
  • Glossary

    A helpful list of terms used to describe McGuire products and the materials used to create them.
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