1. Can I order furniture directly from Baker?

    You can place an order through your local Baker|McGuire Showroom or Dealer. If you need help finding one of these locations, please visit our Find a Location section.

  2. Can you please tell me about my vintage Baker piece, especially its current value?

    We would be happy to review pictures of your piece for identification, approximate date of production, as well as any other distinguishing facts regarding your piece. For appraisal values, we suggest that you contact a reputable auction house or antique dealer in your area. If you would like further information please contact a location near you.

  3. Where can I see a particular piece of Baker or Milling Road Furniture?

    Most pieces are on display at Baker|McGuire showroom or dealer locations. Please visit our Find a Location page to locate the distributor nearest you.

  4. I saw a piece of furniture in a magazine that I liked, how can I find more information on it?

    Please note the name, month, and page number of the magazine, as well as the product(s) of interest and contact a Baker|McGuire showroom or dealer location near you.

  5. Can I order replacement hardware?

    Depending on the age of your piece, it may be possible to supply replacement hardware. Please contact a location near you forĀ further details.

  6. How do I care for my new Baker or Milling Road piece?

    Please visit our Product Care section.

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