Bill Sofield

Bill Sofield

A true Modernist, Sofield believes design must live as well as it looks. His holistic approach focuses on function, with luxury that originates from a total dedication to craft. Sofield lets materials and architectural details take their cue from the context of each project, carefully considering the client's personality and needs.

Furniture should enhance a setting, easily comfortable next to an antique or treasured heirloom.

OBJECTS of legacy

BS-Profile -ArticleSofield has been honored among Interior Design magazine's "Hall of Fame,” and has received the prestigious Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design.

His furniture and product design reflect a sophisticated respect for material and a concern for how a design should improve with use and age to become a treasured heirloom.

The designer founded Studio Sofield in 1996 with the express goal of integrating multiple design disciplines. The Studio's vast portfolio includes residential, retail, hospitality, office, and landscape design.

Since his first collaboration with Baker in 2001, Sofield has continued to explore the art of fine craft by expanding his collection with amazing compilations of individual pieces, expressing sensuality through nuance and restraint.

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