Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot’s keen architectural eye and timeless spirit inform his debut collection for Baker Furniture. Inspired by 20th-Century vintage furnishings, and with a nod to the grand presence of aristocratic décor, Deniot curates with his signature elegant balance and flirtatious wit. At once serene and sexy, casual yet refined, these pieces warm with antique golds, soften with muted grays, and awake in touches of ivory and white. The collection is eminently versatile, beautifully layered and so very livable.

Baker and I are an absolute perfect match. I could not dream of a better collaboration.


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Wide Awake and Dreaming

Neither coldly minimalist nor lavishly baroque, Jean-Louis Deniot’s aesthetic is instead pitched towards an approachable elegance, with a unique wit that comes from his artist’s eye – a joyous meeting of eras and sensibilities, mingled with an unabashed love of all that is sublime. After Deniot designs a piece it becomes much more than an object, it becomes a conversation.

Sensual curves meet geometric symmetry. The changing light of day reflects multitudes of moods at play in sumptuous textures and tones. A neoclassical foundation underpins the improvisation of a mid-Century silhouette here, an Art Deco gilding there. Nods to primitivism punctuate the clean lines of a curated space. With all of this, Jean-Louis Deniot masters an amalgam of organic energy and a brainy precision to create something entirely 21st-Century.

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