Oceanside Lounge Chair

Baker Resort
No. MCA2902C
Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System
Width Depth Height
W 30in D 35.5in H 32in
Product Dimensions: Metric System
Width Depth Height
W 76.2cm D 90.2cm H 81.3cm
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Detailed Dimensions

  • Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    W 30in 76.2cm
    D 35.5in 90.2cm
    H 32in 81.3cm
    Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    WI 24.5in 62.2cm
    DI 22in 55.9cm
    AH 23.5in 59.7cm
    SH 16in 40.6cm
    SD 22in 55.9cm
  • COM/COL Requirements
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    COM 2.5yd 2.3m
    COL 43sq ft 4.0m

Options & Features

Product Features

  • Standard Finish(es): Clear Coat Abaca
  • Tight upholstered seat and back
  • Abaca wrapped frame

About This Product

Attention to detail is ever-present in the Oceanside Lounge Chair. Its plush, enveloping upholstered seat and wrapped abaca rope frame provide a naturalistic, casual resting place with a coastal vibe.

About This Collection


Introducing the Baker Resort Collection®: an immersive ensemble that transports you to a dreamlike oasis within your own home. Designed to evoke a sense of comfort, escape and relaxation, the collection captures the essence of coastal living with naturalistic materials, indulgent textures and simple yet elegant forms. Each piece offers a lavish, luxurious experience inspired by life in the tropics—with design cues and materials that nod to the world’s most iconic and transformative beach destinations. Here, style and functionality are harmonized, nature and refinement meet, and the boundaries between everyday living and restful bliss are seamlessly blurred.

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