Kara Mann

Nav Room Test 150WKara Mann’s 54-piece furniture collection for Milling Road reflects her singular audacity of vision. Dynamic, luxurious, and elegant, the surprising and sculptural pieces Mann designed challenge and inspire us to rethink interiors and modern design.

The designer’s work invites us to celebrate her exceptional approach. Her bold geometries are superbly made in our Milling Road studios.

The New York Times has written that Kara Mann’s designs are “interiors with a subversive side”. And yet hers is contemporary design that rejoices in fine craftsmanship.

“I think of my work as young and fresh,” Mann said recently. “I’m constantly looking for something new and invigorating. I tap into many design sources for a mix of vintage and contemporary. Design today is all about the mix.”

Mann fully inhabits today’s culture and in her work she also references contemporary art, classical forms, iconic fashion houses and current style directions, as well as embracing contemporary art, and classical interiors, she conceives unexpected combinations.

Kara Mann’s designs enhance our reality. They fuel the imagination and inspire dreams.


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“The inspiration for this collection came from our research into Baker’s archive. We combined that heritage with my own background in design, art and fashion to create a furniture collection that is infused with both modern edge and relaxed glamour.” —Kara Mann “My signature style walks the line between sophistication and edge, classicism and irreverence, femininity and masculinity.” —Kara Mann

Nav Design Story Test 322W

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