Cloud Sofa

Barbara Barry
No. MCU1012S
Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System
Width Depth Height
W 98.5in D 46in H 37in
Product Dimensions: Metric System
Width Depth Height
W 250.2cm D 116.8cm H 94cm
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Detailed Dimensions

  • Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    W 98.5in 250.2cm
    D 46in 116.8cm
    H 37in 94cm
    Detailed Dimensions
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    WI 87in 221cm
    AH 24in 61cm
    SH 17.5in 44.5cm
    SD 27in 68.6cm
  • COM/COL Requirements
      Product Dimensions: U.S. Customary System Product Dimensions: Metric System
    COM 10.25yd 9.4m
    COL 174sq ft 16.2m

Options & Features

Product Features

  • Tight seat and back
  • (2) Throws (20")
  • Fully upholstered sofa with floating base
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About This Product

A sensuous shape evocative of a cumulus cloud, this modern form speaks to relaxed luxury. The Cloud Sofa is tightly upholstered with curved lines that seem to float just off the floor as it rests on a recessed finished wood base. Included are two 20” throw pillows.

About This Collection


Barbara Barry is an iconic figure in the world of design, known for her essential, spare, and reduced architectural style. As both a designer and entrepreneur, her career has been dedicated to shaping the American aesthetic by synthesizing elements from various traditions. With a philosophy centered on simplicity and unity, she believes that good design should be understated and unadorned, devoid of unnecessary decoration. Her signature forms and color schemes have earned widespread acclaim, and her long-selling designs serve as a testament to her connection with others. Throughout her illustrious career, Barbara has been honored with numerous design awards and garnered praise from her peers as well as the press for her innovative approach to design.

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