Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry

Barbara Barry is among the world's most prominent and talented designers. Her signature style is classic and timeless, with a unique blend of sophistication and livability. Barry’s look speaks to graceful forms and simple lines. Her designs range from elegant interiors to an extensive portfolio of home furnishings.

I believe timelessness comes from simplicity.

Creating Harmony


With refined form, an understated palette, and a commitment to simplicity, Barry brings balance and harmony into every space. Her designs, which emphasize rooms over individual pieces, convey a sense of calm.

Understated elegance and timelessness define Barry’s design ethos. In her words, “Designing furniture that will become a part of a family’s history is one of the things I love about my work.”

From her first collection for Baker, Barry has strived to create thoughtful designs that work together to evoke emotion. Each piece is part of the larger whole, translating the room into a human experience.

The latest additions to her collection capture the casual and natural elegance of California living in a relaxed style that is ultra-luxurious and very Baker.

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